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How to Take Pictures for a Quick Quote

Would you like to get a preliminary quote for your car’s repair without having to bring it to the shop? Send us pictures of your car and we’ll send you back a Quick Quote.

Make sure to follow the instructions below, so that we’re able to estimate the damage of your car through the pictures you send to us.

Open up your driver’s side door and you’ll find a sticker, about the size of a credit card, that's your car's VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. Please take a readable, close-up shot of your VIN.

Stand 10 feet away from the car. Take shots from each corner to show the front and each side...

Once you have the pictures of your VIN, the four corners of your car and the damage itself, you can fill out the form and attach your photos below.

The Quick Quote is only for evaluation and will not be considered final price of repairs, preliminary estimate, or an authorization to repair. This is just meant to give you a rough idea of what the cost of the repair will be. We might see the car in person, and it could turn out to be cheaper!

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